Personal Training

Warkworth Gym - Personal TrainingHave a goal in mind?  Do you need a personal trainer to help get the results you need?  Personal training with Tracey Frost will get you to your goal faster!

Do you want to be pushed to that specific goal or want to be made accountable for your efforts? Personal training is for everyone, as it is just that – a Personalised service to your requirements & goals in mind.

As a Personal Trainer for many years, I have trained all from Athletes to Mums to the less motivated & less able, even the elderly! Personal Training is designed with you in mind whatever the desired outcome. Processes are put in place with your workouts & training programmes to face results to happen & it is also a way of educating you about your body & how it functions the best, as everybody is different & respond in their own unique way. You will also learn new habits & a better way of prolonging your time on earth!

Personal Training is really an option for anyone, if you haven’t tried it – give it a go & surprise yourself today!

Call our Warkworth gym now on 09 422 2600 or email us about personal training via the contact page.