GymSpot is participating in the Pink Ribbon breakfast this month

GymSpot is participating in the Pink Ribbon breakfast this month

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GymSpot is hosting a Pink Ribbon breakfast on June 10th to raise money for the New Zealand Breast Cancer foundation. The breakfast will take place at GymSpot’s premises located at 9/23 Morrison Drive.

Pink Ribbon breakfasts are hosted across the country, taking place throughout May and early June. Each event is pink-themed and allows hosts to fundraise through merchandise they receive in their host kit.

In addition to this merchandise, hosts also have a fundraising web page, which allow people can donate to the breakfast event online. See GymSpot’s fundraising page here.

At GymSpot, we believe it is important to engage with our local community to discuss health issues.

“We chose to host a pink ribbon breakfast as we felt it was not only a great way to raise money for such a worthy cause, but we also see it as a great way to promote an open dialogue around personal health in our community”, comments GymSpot founder, Tracey Frost.

“The Pink Ribbon breakfasts allow people to do this in a relaxed, social environment”.

Everyone is welcome to attend the event, regardless of whether they are a GymSpot member or not.

At last year’s event, over 3,000 people participated, helping to raise 1.8 million dollars for breast cancer research. The 2017 hopes to surpass this, providing much needed funds to both cancer research projects, as well as medical grants which help to advance the survivorship of the disease in NZ.

Supported research projects focus on treatments which aim to prevent the spreading on cancer to other parts of the body.

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