Weight Loss

Weight Loss TrainingWeight loss / Bodybuilding / Sporting / Health / Well-being / Rehabilitation…. whatever your motivation, weight loss will generally be a given with any cause/reason for you to start.

When you mention weight loss to anybody you automatically think of cutting calories & spending hours participating in exercise. I’d like to change people’s way of thinking & approaching their “Weight loss” goals to more of a wellness life boost attitude to it. Having seen many & many examples of weight loss & also as a competitive bodybuilder, when you continue to try & force the weight loss factor it can come to a screaming halt when you try too hard! Believe it or not, it does happen!

With any “sensible” wellness plan you will achieve a longer term weight loss & develop better habits with lasting results than this “see-saw” effect of dieting & excessive exercise – I’ve been there & done that plenty!!

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